Instructions for Processing the EPA Firm Application Online

Instructions for Applying for the EPA Initial Firm Certification for Renovations


1. Enter your company name into the Search bar. If it has not been registered with EPA before, a new application link will appear:

EPA Firm Certification

 2. Next, select “New Renovation firm ($300)” from the Certification options:
EPA Firm Certification online application
3. You will then be re-directed to the CDX portal to complete your application. To begin a new application, select the green Register button under “New to CDX?”
EPA Lead Safe Firm Registration
4. The next screen will prompt you to create a user profile. Enter your personal information and set up your CDX account.
5. Next you will see the screen below. Search for your Firm Name, and if it does not exist in the system yet select “Create My Own”.
EPA Firm Certification online

6. Next, select if the Firm has had an previous lead violations against it. You can also select to have the EPA list your company as a certified Renovation Firm on their website:

7. The following screen will prompt you to enter payment information to pay the $300 certification fee via Credit/Debit Card or ACH Withdrawal.
EPA Lead Certification for Firm

8. The final step to to attest to the information you have provided in your application, and digitally sign and submit your information.  You will receive a confirmation email from the EPA/CDX with your receipt. Within 90 days, the EPA will review your application and mail you a Certified Lead-Safe Firm Certificate.

For technical issues with the CDX system, call 888-890-1995.


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